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RESOURCES for new home buyers in Chicago

Buying a home can be a scary process. I just recently bought a home.  I had a great team, that I call the "Horbenko Home Team."  Rachell Horbenko is an incredible realtor with integrity.  She will not steer you wrong.

    Call 773-818-9054 



Rachell put me in touch with Larry Palmer.  He is from MTeam Financial.  He is a broker with integrity who does exactly what he says he will, and if he can't he will tell you that too. 

    Call 847-239-7820  

Larry suggested I work with a guy in California name Erik Kaplan.  Erik works within the law to help you raise your credit score.  In one month he raised mine enough to help be get an incredible rate on my condo.

    THD Credit Consulting
    Certified Credit Consultant
Phone: 310-804-9353

Michael Anthony at has some amazing ideas on home design and woodworking.

John Mindrut did my floors. He is an honest guy with fair prices on flooring.  He also did some beautiful inlays on my floors.                      Call John at 773-206-0621


I'd like to share with you some of my friends who touch my life...

Amy Armstrong

Gail Becker

Andrew Blendermann

The Boofont Sisters

Anne & Mark Burnell

Michael Calas

Joan Curto

Elaine Dame

Baby Jane Dexter

Elizabeth Doyle

Jennifer Girard

Jeff Hedberg


Gillian Kelly

Lakeshore Theater

Karen Mason

Colleen McHugh

Sharon McNight

Alma Mendoza

Beckie Menzie

Tom Michael

Patty Morabito

Heather Moran 

Audrey Morris

Suzy Petri

Suzanne Plunkett

Judy Roberts

Spider Saloff

Skokie Theatre

Bob Solone

Lucia Spina

MaryMonica Thomas

Honey West

Julie Wilson

Melissa Young